A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Pottered around Ripon in the morning, and especially it's asymmetrical cathedral (when a bit fell down in the 1400's, they ran out of cash having repaired half of it...).  As part of me was spiritually at the big boardgames do in Birmingham this weekend I ceremoniously scanned the charity shops of Ripon for hidden boardgame gems.  They're still hidden.

In Newcastle this afternoon, meeting up with sons M & S who'd come up by train, for J's Graduation Art Show in the evening.  This is the reason for the whole trip - trumping graduation itself as the event J wanted our presence at.  

58 graduating artists across a hugely wide range of forms.  Whilst knowing nothing about art I did feel that J's audio-video-performance-art both stretched the boundaries and presented something I enjoyed - a respectable achievement I'd say.

Most of the others just stretched the boundaries as far as I was concerned, but a few I really rather liked.

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