Holiday day 11: Timsgarry to Ardvourlie

We did not have the best of weather today to retrace our steps/treads to Ardvourlie, following the reverse route of last Wednesday. It was particularly hard from Leurbost onwards as we cycled into a head wind, often at a 'speed' just a little faster than walking pace. I was very relieved that I persuaded Mr hazelh several months ago that I am now too old/unfit to do the full distance from Uig to Tarbert in a single run. The Clisham would have finished me off completely today.

When we reached our little croft house at the tip of Loch Seaforth we devoured the biscuits and custard tarts laid out for us for afternoon tea. For supper our hostess had left us a pasta bake with pea, beans and oven chips. This will be great fuel for tomorrow's ride.

Just outside our croft there is a marsh of yellow flag irises, one of which provides my blip for today.

Exercise today: 48 miles of (hard) cycling.

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