A Distant View

It's been a bit of a gloomy day. Our landscapers came and carried on with the work but knocked off for the day when it turned to heavy rain around lunchtime. Mid-afternoon my van delivered back and the job seems to have gone well and came out around the price I'd been expecting. That's good as I have to go out tonight and it saves me from having to make other arrangements. 

The day brightened up around that time so I went out for a blip. I stopped at the old airfield where I'd seen a good view of patchwork fields. There was a model plane flying and doing some aerobatics but it didn't make much of a shot. When I got to the place where the view open up I noticed the light was looking good on that line of trees so why not. I took a 6-shot panorama with the camera in portrait mode and it seems to have come out pretty well to my eye.

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