A day in the life

By Shelling


I've been at work the whole day sorting out loose ends and organising one of our summer courses. In three weeks I'm no longer an employee at Högalids folkhögskola, I'm retired.

Going home over the bridge to Öland was lovely, it's such a nice summer afternoon and hardly any wind, which is unusual. The blip is taken while driving so I'm not aware of where the camera is pointing. It's taken at the top of the bridge looking south and I was hoping it would capture my state of mind at the time. I think it did. The extra is the view from where I was sitting during our dinner.

In the evening all personel was invited for dinner at one of Kalmars restaurants. The view over the castle is stunning. This was also the chosen moment to thank me and another colleague for our services at school. I was given a speech, a song and presents and I sang a thank you song to everyone. It was a very emotional moment that I've been dreading for some time because it's in many ways so final. It's also a beginning of a new faze in life, something I don't know anything about, exciting and frightening at the same time. 

A new concept I learned yesterday was "transition ritual", describing important moments in life where life changes direction or purpose and a ritual of some sort is needed to help us over the line. This evening was certainly one of those and I feel grateful that it went well.

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