A day in the life

By Shelling


I did my walk partly on "Alvaret" today, hoping to see some Burnt orchids Neotinea ustulata (Krutbännare in Swedish) that you can get to see if you're lucky. But today I In fact had to be careful not to tread on them, there were so many. You see one in the main, even with a bee on it. In the extra I put in another orchid that I don't see very often, the Green-Winged Orchid Anacamptis Morio (Göknycklar in Swedish). 

In the distance I also saw a flock of cows grazing but they don't bother me. After a while I heard a rumble behind me and when I turned around I saw the cows galloping towards me, but when they saw me turn around they all stopped about ten metres away. They were very curious and followed me very close till I got to the end of the field, when they lost interest and galloped away again in a very playful way. The gang will now be known over large parts of the globe, I don't think they mind, rather I'm sure they would want to meet all of you, but keeping ten metres distance these days of course.

I often use my phone for recording, capturing birdsong when I walk through the Grove, It's so nice to have in the background later in the year. Today was fantastic, lots of noise and singing all over, especially the Blackbirds were showing off this afternoon. 

We're looking at probably three/four days of rain, wind and chilly weather so I'm happy about todays experiences.

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