A day in the life

By Shelling


Rain is a big thing here on the island. Rather, the lack of it is a big thing. Farmers and animals crave it, tourists can do without it. I say let it rain so we can get some strawberries. We had a bit of rain today and the air is nice and fresh, more comes tomorrow but after that not much is in sight, we take what we get here, most of it has rained off over the higer parts of Sweden and what's left don't make over the sound to the island.

Indoor activities today in the morning. I saw Bengt for a planning meeting and in the afternoon I went to town to cut my hair and to roam the streets for a while. A new Gallery/Music stage has opened, very intimate, it only takes max 40 people if you sit tightly so there won't be much going on until later in the autumn probably. The place is called "Persona", named after the Ingmar Bergman film. The owner of this place knows the son of Sven Nykvist, who was Bergmans main photographer in all his films, so the owner has had the opportunity to have the original script for the film Persona on display in the gallery.

When I got back I was completely blipless but I saw the beautiful raindrops in my clovers Trifolium repens or Vitklöver in Swedish so that will do nicely to cover the day. If you look closely, I'm in the picture as well.

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