By Hanulli

"Is it dangerous?"

...asked little Timmy, when they spotted this strange creature, when he and his father were strolling through the garden.
"Oh , no", dad was laughing. "It's the larva of a ladybird. It is only dangerous for lice. One ladybug will eat about 50 lice per day. That's very helpfull!"
"And do you know, that ladybugs are a symbol of fortune in many cultures? Probably the oldest document as a symbol of luck offers a about 20,000 years old, 1.5 cm large made of mammoth ivory carved ladybug, which was borne through a hole probably with a cord around his neck. Do you want to know more about ladybugs? Then we should have a look here, in Wikipedia ..."

While Timmy and his dad were learning more interesting facts about the ladybugs, I tried to get the results for the Tiny People Challenge in May ready. Have a look here for all creative entries in TiPS33.
I'm not moaning about my constant lack of time, I just present my favourite entries :-) 

My hearts go to:
Tussock Tales for a very well composed cat (!) blip
Rainie for her firefighters in action 
(Have a look here for OldTimers version)
JanetH for her big adventure for her time traveling tinies
TMLHereAndThere for her tiny climber
Debs_that's_me for her clever blip of relaxing tinies :-)

Honourable mentions:
Both, JanetH and pkln made a visit at Madurodam in The Hague and made some super realistic TiPS blips!
NigelSmart for his busy workmen
Tigger101 for her naughty stikbots 
Robert10 for his musically tiny with the pokerface
This for her chilling tinies
flossie for her zest for life

Thank you all for your creative entries.
The tag for June is TiPS34.
You can make as many entries as you like. I'm looking forward to many creative entries of the adventures of all sorts of tiny figures. Have fun!

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