New Books.

I can't resist buying books.  I got rid of a lot not long ago to make room for more.  (Some of which I've since regretted getting rid of!)  But now I'm running out of space again.

These 4 books are obviously for the girls.  They are full of stories, poems, and nursery rhymes.  And with beautiful illustrations, and at only $2 each, I couldn't resist.

Went out early to buy some shirring elastic.  Came back with a load of things I didn't intend to buy!!

I then had to take my husband for an x-ray and a scan on his right shoulder.  It didn't take long, and then we went to Bunnings.

We got all the things we wanted and then headed home.

It has been very cold today (for us), about 17c, and the wind has made it feel colder.

There was even snow is some parts of Queensland.  The last time we had snow was 2015.  They are getting lots of snow in parts of NSW and Victoria , which will please the skiers.

The temp is supposed to be dropping to 6c tonight.

Come on cats come and keep us warm!!

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