No chance for a lie in today - Morrisons at 9am. I did fall asleep on the sofa later but still felt tired so this afternoon I went to bed for a while.  Seems to be taking ages to get over my weekend away.

As I didn't go anywhere to get a Wild Wednesday or Wide Wednesday shot here you have Fluffy - she lives two doors down from me.  Her real name is " Cheeky " but before I knew that I called her Fluffy and I've stuck to that.  Every time I go out into the back garden there she is crying for food.  Tino and Lily often leave wet food in their dishes and once its gone a bit " crusty "  they won't eat it so Fluffy gets it. 

Musical link by the CHEEKY GIRLS.

Still way behind with comments. Apologies for that. 

Steps today - 4,032

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