More parcels due today so I got up early again.  Two came around 8.30am and after that I went back to bed.  Then around 10.30 am the 3rd parcel arrived.  Back to bed again .Up again a bit later.  I was due to meet  Neil at 1pm to go for a walk.  He messaged to change it to 2pm so I decided to have a nap.  Was fast asleep when he messaged again and said he could make 1pm so I had to " get a ripple on " and get ready. Rachael gave him a lift to  the end of my street.

We headed up towards Marshalls Lands Farm and through the fields into Washingwell Woods.  It had been rainy this morning but all the time we were out it was dry.  There was a strong wind but we were sheltered from it while we were in the woods.  We walked along various public footpaths crossing many stiles.  Of course after every one I had to use my hand gel.  There were a few other folk about and a couple of horse riders but there was plenty of room to keep apart.  It was lovely in the woods especially down by the Black Burn which you can see in my photos.  I have added an Extra of me and also a collage of some of the things I saw on the walk.

We went our separate ways when we came out of the woods as Neil was walking home.  I hadn't been in the house long when the rain started. It was heavy.  We were so lucky to be out while it was dry.

Musical link MAN OF THE WOODS - by Justin Timberlake.

I was worn out when I got back and my knees were sore ( all those pesky stiles to climb over ) so I just relaxed on the sofa and watched TV.  Lewis and Poirot.

Steps today - 12,879

CORONA CLASSIC -  Shostakovich' "The Second Waltz"

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