I was upstairs this morning when the doorbell rang. I went straight downstairs to see a Royal Mail card on the mat.  I quickly opened the front door and could see the postman putting parcels in his van.  I shouted out.  He seemed to ignore me so I shouted louder.  He grabbed the parcels, slammed his van doors and with a very annoyed face he grudgingly brought the 2 parcels  back  to my door.  He put them down without a word and angrily tapped his machine - obviously cancelling whatever info he had already entered.  I guess he was in a hurry, stressed out etc but if he had waited just a little longer I would have answered the door in time. I'm sorry I wasn't able to run down the stairs at the speed of Usain Bolt.

When I opened the parcels I was extra pleased to have managed to take them in as one contained a bunch of flowers sent by Becky for my birthday ( which is tomorrow ) and the other box contained a rose bush. I wouldn't have liked them to be taken back to the sorting office to be redelivered  another day. Both parcels were marked on the outside that they contained flowers/live plants.  You would have thought the postie would have tried delivering to a neighbour before deciding to take them back to the depot.  I guess he was just in a hurry.

I didn't do much this morning apart from a few household chores.   Then at 3pm I sat at my computer to watch another footie match from the archives.  This match was one I actually attended.  It took place on 1st April 2012 - Newcastle v Liverpool.  Newcastle won 2 - 0.  It was a good season for Newcastle and they finished 5th in the Premiership - actually ahead of Liverpool who finished 8th.

After the match I realised I was no-where near my required 5,000 steps and as I didn't want to go out anywhere I just marched up and down my hall for a bit and then put on a CD and danced around the kitchen until I had clocked up the 5,000.  Then it was time for a late tea.

I have blipped the carnations Becky sent.  They came with a small box of 8 Belgian chocolates.  Which I have eaten.  And which were delicious.

Musical link - A White Sport Coat and A PINK CARNATION - by Marty Robbins

Steps today - 6,031

And now for something completely different ................ CORONA CLASSIC - The Liberty Bell March by John Philip Sousa

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