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By arkensielphoto

After and Before

I did some gardening in one of the front borders this morning, which has made quite a difference as I can now see the roses, which are flowering. I also found a snapdragon plant, which I had not planted and what looks like a self seeded Clematis. I think this might be one of those wild ones, but for now I have left it to see what develops. I can always chop it down later. I chopped out a lot of the lilac “runners”, which appear every year, this lilac never flowers, well not since I have lived here. Someone who lived here before planted it and clearly had no idea that this was a stupid place to plant it; I also gave another bush a trim. I removed a huge Elder and two Hawthorns, which were not there earlier in the year. Today's picture is the “after” picture and the “before” has been added as an extra. It does not look much in the pictures, but I can see a difference and there is always more work to do in a garden.

I have worked in the garden this morning so this afternoon I can do what I like. I have ordered some buttons so hopefully I can blip some of the baby garments I have made and I also ordered more yarn from Marriner Yarns, some is for me, but most of it is a gift for someone else.

The temperature at GMT noon was once again seventeen degrees Celsius.

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