A Day at the Beach

Off to the beach today, and what a beautiful beach!!
We took Archie for his usual walk on the heath and were treated to sightings of deer, rabbits, muntjacs, buzzards, weasels and - best of all - an adder sunbathing by the side of the path (see extras)
Mr K was pleased with his David Attenborough-esque prowess in spotting it. He heard it hissing apparently!
After battling deadly snakes on the heath we set off to the beach at Holkham. It was lovely and sunny but proper windy so we wrapped up for our walk.
It's a couple of miles from Holkham along the beach and the dunes to the huts on Wells Beach. It was spectacular!!! The further we walked the more the beach opened up and stretched off into the distance. Apparently into infinity!! I have never seen such an expanse of sand.
The Little Misses and Archie loved it!! There was lots of running about and jumping in the sand. Fabulous!!
We went to the cafe at Wells Beach for ice cream and tea (and snacks out of our rucksack because we realised we need to stop spending so much money in cafes or there's a danger we'll end up out on the streets!)
Then it was the beautiful walk back. With much more running and jumping in the sand. 
It was like Arabia!!
Once we got back to Holkham we popped into the lovely new visitor centre. 
It's all wood and glass and steel - gorgeous! 
It's made of slatted wood open to the air and there are lots of binoculars to borrow to look out over the salt marshes.
And the most delicious home-made ice lollies - without wrappers - in freezers.
And as the Little Misses were having those Mr K and I had tea and coffee.
Back to the camp and as luck would have it the spanish takeaway van was there. So we all had to have burgers and churros.
Honestly, it's like a disease!!!

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