Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Common poppy

...Papaver rhoeas

Slept like the dead last night, woke early this morning and was tempted out before breakfast.  I thought I might find a sleepy butterfly, but at one of my go-to places for them I only saw a single common blue.  However, the bees were out in force, as were the poppies.

Poppies are so bright they're difficult to blip in sunlight, don't you find?  The red saturation makes it hard to bring out the detail on the petals.  These are a bit de-saturated.  I'm not at all sure I've got it right.

This afternoon I took OG on his monthly outing.  And now I'm almost falling asleep.

Something odd is happening with the hearts you so kindly gave me yesterday (and stars?).  I intend to thank you all, but if I miss anyone, please forgive me.  Hopefully the problem will be sorted soon.

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