By dogwithnobrain

I'm glad you feel the same....

Busy day at work as ever. 

I am currently maintaining a low calorie diet; managing quite nicely - loads of water, which means am also flushing my kidneys :-)  4 litres today.  

My colleague  is trying to help by not eating in front of me, but occasionally I'll turn round and she will be facing the opposite way and unable to speak to me... lol  is hysterical.  I've told her I am fine.   

Vendor came in today and left a box of shortbread.    Yesterday we received a box of American Candy from one of our techies who had been in Dallas. (we have an office there). 

So lots of food around, but I am resisting.  I will resist. 

In other news:  Toolibelle is ALIVE!  Our last message from her came on Saturday lunchtime when she said "No Wifi at camp.  This might be last you hear from me. See You August". 

Last night "Family. I am Alive. It is Good".   

Sadly, she has not made it to camp because of the 5 ft of snow surrounding it.   She has shorts. .  

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