By dogwithnobrain

All the Traces of the Love we had

the DDay commemorations have been amazing this week. The stories we have heard; these old men, once young and spritely - recalling what must have felt and seemed like hell.  

The one thing they all had in common, humilty and really wicked senses of humour. 

Nothing our troops do these day, and I say that with the utmost respect for what they do do, but nothing they do today, can possibly equate to what these DDay veterans did. 

"Boiling water" is a phrase I've heard a lot this week.  The soldiers disembarking into the cold water - which was riddled with bullets as they were being fired at from the beaches by the Nazi's. - but also the noise of the shelling from behind them - trying to take out the Nazi's on the beach. 

Can you imagine the noise?   I can't.  Nor can I imagine the bravery it took to step off into the water and face almost certain death. 

Each one of these men deserve to live out the rest of their years with everything and anything they want. 

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