By dogwithnobrain

Somethings cooking in my kitchen

So, himself was working today (he’s all better thank you all for your concern) ... so I decided I would concentrate on garden - front garden to be exact.

I finished my Rebus; and headed downstairs. First job was to wipe the stickiness off the rhubarb wine bottles and put them away to ‘age’

After wiping them dry I noticed one was ‘fzzzzzzz’ing; so I picked it up for closer inspection and wiggled lid.

Said lid (grolsch style) flipped back and rhubarb wine commenced redecorating kitchen; and me.

I held on to the bottle as tight as I could and tried to aim it into the sink; when I finally managed and caught my breath I glanced Round and witnessed the destruction.

Rhubarb wine. Not only drenching me and the sink - but the whole unit I was standing beside - coffee, tea, sugar jars, kettle; underside of top cupboards. The floor. I looked - up 3/4 of the ceiling now a pleasant red polka dot. I looked behind me - every unit covered in a sticky red shower.

It’s now almost three hours later. The whole kitchen has been karcherered. Twice.

My eyelids are still sticking to my eye sockets. My hair is congealed; I’m sticking to everything I touch.

The wine bottles are not under the stairs as planned; they are currently in the garden under a bench and settled in long grass until himself comes home and tells me what to do!

Am so proud of myself for cleaning up the whole lot! Not one spec of evidence left!

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