Holiday day 15: around Scarista (3)

We had high expectations of today on the basis of the weather forecast - and what a wonderful day it has been!

Initially we considered cycling to Luskentyre, but the draw of Scarista beach (directly opposite our accommodation) was too strong. We walked its full distance this morning, marvelling at the waves, as blipped. I wish I could convey in my picture the roar and crash as each wave surged then hit the shoreline.

We returned to our bed and breakfast to eat our picnic lunch in the garden, then set off on our bikes for the afternoon on a 'secret' beach at Borve. Apart from a couple of sheep and numerous seabirds, we had the whole beach to ourselves for five hours. Mr hazelh paddled, skimmed stones, checked out the rock pools, and kindly posed for a pool lizard shot (see the extra). Meanwhile I read my book: I've just finished the entire Neapolitan series by Elena Ferrante for a second time, and now I'm on Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.

Our secret beach is very close to our dinner venue so we headed up there directly after our afternoon in the sun. I was easily the scruffiest diner, but after two weeks on a bike in the Outer Hebrides I am past caring about my appearance. Indeed, I think that I may have gone feral!

Exercise today: small amount of cycling (~ 7 miles), walking (11,964 steps).

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