Apple store

The day started by meeting Emma at WW, we both lost weight this week and the meeting was a lot of fun, the subject was being positive and looking at what you are grateful for and seeing her that raised your mood, everyone read something they were grateful for down on a Post-it note and then our leader read them all out, lots of laughter. I then went into Kingston to meet Zebedee at college, Lisa his course tutor said he had worked really hard and only needs to do one more session to complete his course so next Wednesday he will go in to finish off his work and have his exit interview and then that will be the end of his education!

Then it was off to the Apple Store because his phone had somehow got water damaged and wasn’t working anymore, thank goodness I made him take out insurance when we bought it last April so we were able to get a new phone for £79 plus £24 for a screen protector, otherwise it would’ve been £379+ screen protector, he can have one more breakage under the terms of the insurance, well worth having. While we were waiting for our appointment we went to Nando’s and Zebedee bought me lunch was lovely!
Rained a lot today and I got absolutely soaked.
Max made a delicious curry for dinner.
Gulliver’s GCSEs went well he now has the weekend and Monday to revise for the last four...

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