My boy

He’s so dedicated and hard-working when he wants to be, he is now prepping all his own food and training for a competition on August 4, hasn’t quite got the hang of clearing up the kitchen after himself... we have had to buy another fridge for him which is on his roof terrace because there just isn’t enough room in the family fridge for everything that he needs to eat!
He’s given up his job at physique warehouse which he had for about two years, Monday through Friday is it one hour from nine till 10 pm and Saturday and Sunday 3 till 6 pm, he hardly had any time off I was there whatever the weather off and cycling which is a 10 mile round trip, he now has a job working down London’s drains with a fellow bodybuilder which he really enjoys, It’s better paid and not very hard work, his job is mainly to hand James tools. Next Wednesday to complete his coursework and has his exit interview and will be a qualified personal trainer, Zebedee has ADHD and dyslexia and I am so proud of the way he has stuck at his studies, it really hasn’t been easy for him even with all the help that he has had.

A quiet day pottering about here, I went for a nice walk to the park and I called my brother Tom for a catch up who has just returned from holiday in Budapest we had a great time, I also called my sister Alexandra as we haven’t spoken for a long time either.

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