Cute Coal Face


It turned out that my nausea wasn't caused by the smell of the hemlock but by the onset of norovirus which I might have contracted from the Portaloos at the Shuttleworth Flying Festival last Sunday. These loos have alcohol-based hand sanitisers and because the virus doesn't have a lipid 'envelope' that the alcohol can rupture they are generally ineffective against it. The incubation period of 12 to 48 hours fits.

I felt distinctly dodgy when I photographed this lovely young cheeping coal tit on our early dogwalk. I languished on the sofa for most of the morning but had been looking forward for ages to photographing the thirty plus Dakotas as they flew over Southend for D-Day 75. I noticed before I left that that the route had been changed and that they would overfly Chalkwell. I arrived in Chalkwell but left immediately as I felt so bad. I won't go into details. 

The Dakota flight left Duxford very late and I'm told it came in waves rather than as complete formation. I didn't see any images of it on the TV or in the newspaper, which is a shame for everyone who worked so hard to prepare the aircraft for the occasion.

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