By MsQuizzical

Daisy Umbrella Is The Bee's Knees

It was a horrible cold and damp morning. I spotted Reynard and Hermeline snuggled up together fast asleep in number thirteen disused glasshouse. I don't blame them. I got pics of the pair as they woke and shot off in different directions. I've added Hermeline the vixen to extras.

Ollie dog and I went for a walk before lunch just as it was starting to rain. Bees were using the ox-eye daisy flowers as umbrellas. We had a really heavy hailstorm this afternoon. I hope the bees had stayed put.

I took MrQ to the hospital for another injection to combat his ARMD. It's a very stress-free experience visiting the eye-unit at present. He is seen exactly on time, no other patients are there and I am able to park and wait right outside.

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