Fog on Porters Pass

I awoke to daylight peeking through my curtains. "That can't be right" I thought. Turns out I set my alarm but it was still on PM from my Christmas Day Nana nap.

With persistent drizzle in Christchurch I decided to continue on with my fishing plans even though I left home a couple of hours later than I'd hoped.

Across the plains it was mostly overcast but just past Springfield I was into fog. Lake Lyndon is a few minutes beyond Porters Pass. Sometimes it was clear on the lake, at other times mist swirled around me.

A few fish jumped but they were smarter than me today. Still it's fun and intriguing trying to figure out what lure will tempt them. I also have a couple of flies I cast with a small sinker weight. They were given to me but after today I only have one. Bugger. I think I gifted it to some wire off an old fence line that disappears into the lake.

I didn't think to take a photo at Lake Lyndon. But the Viper's Bugloss on Porters Pass looked magnificent in the fog.

More beautiful large

Today's lesson was I should always take a spare set of clothes with me. I was coming in to change something in my set up when I stepped off a higher part of the lake bed and into a deeper bit. Water sloshed over the top of my waders. My lower half was a little wet ;-)

Tomorrow morning I'm going to try salmon fishing on the Rakia River. That will be completely new to me but I'll be with a mate who knows what he's doing. Yes, I'll take a spare set of clothes ;-)

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