A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Ronda is built over the spectacular Tajo gorge and because of it’s position it was one of the last Moorish Bastions, finally falling to Christians in 1485.
On the south side of the bridge perches a classic Moorish Peublo Blanco, one of the biggest in this region. The ‘New Bridge’, built in the late 18th century spans this gorge.

There are equally spectacular views to the surrounding mountains. We spent a lovely three hours here after a drive along the coast (Costa del Sol) and then an amazingly twisty drive up into the mountains.

Our first stop was to visit the bullring, one of the oldest and most important buildings in Spain, inaugurated in 1785. A controversial subject with lovers, and haters but we were told how this grew in significance throughout Spain. Some areas (Catalonia) have now banned it but the general attitude seems to be don’t go if you don't like it and if it was banned throughout Spain the bulls wouldn’t be bred and have 4 years of free living!

We had lunch at the Parador cafeteria that enjoyed the view across the countryside and then a wander around the narrow streets. It was busy but a very enjoyable place to visit,

Mid afternoon we set off for Sevilla. I confess to having a little snooze (well we did have red wine with lunch) and woke up to find we were passing field upon field of Sunflowers.

Heading out for an orientation of the area around our hotel followed by Tapas it seems much hotter in Seville even after 6.00 pm.

More of Seville tomorrow as this is our main stay.

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