A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

I see you!

This was taken at 5.40 am. Early? No I was out of the house at 4.20am!
Just one of those mornings when I was wide awake. Time for a hare walk.
I went up Bents Lane and saw the sunrise at 4.45. I was hoping to see hares as I’ve seen them here before when the summer meadow grass is mown. With eyes watering a bit from watching the sun I couldn’t decide whether I was looking at a rock or a hare. Foolishly I stepped nearer instead of zooming in with my camera and it was off like a rocket. So hare it was, which is great as I wasn’t sure there would be any, but sadly I didn’t see any more. The fields at the top of the lane weren’t cut so no chance of seeing anything there. Walked slowly back but no hare shots today. Last time I did this I had five sightings and the time before that I saw seven with very distant photographs which I blipped.

Walked back and passed a couple in their nightwear outside their cottage. They said they had just moved in yesterday and were letting their cats have an explore around. They had three and are right on the junction of two busy roads!

Wasn’t ready for home yet so headed to the cricket field to try my luck with deer and yes here was one enjoying it’s breakfast. 
It was in the long grass and this shot was taken through the fence but I really liked the way it was looking back over it’s shoulder at me with one eye!  There were some better shots later though it soon took off into the grass around the base of a tree. It was ‘barking’ which I haven’t heard before. I soon realised there was another hidden in the grass and thought it might be a young one but on later inspection they looked pretty much the same size lie the two I’ve seen here before.
I hung around for quite a while just watching as one continued feeding and the other tried to hide. I had intended going up to the pond but despite it being the best bit of the day in terms of sunshine, I started to feel a bit chilled from standing around (thought all the pond life would sensibly still be asleep anyway) and didn’t want to disturb them further by passing up the hill.
I headed home for a warming cuppa at about 6.00. Was surprised to see a bus go past before I left the cricket field, not much other traffic though.
I really enjoyed being out, everywhere was so quiet and the morning was full of wonderful bird song. Maybe another try before the days start shortening again. (What a thought!)

Watched an episode of Springwatch I missed last week when I got home before Chris got up. Feeling a bit sleepy now!

Stay safe everyone.

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