Stace The Ace

Back blipping this because apparently I missed Asexual Pride Day; for some reason I thought it was always 10th June... Anyhoo, here's a snap of me in my Pride outfit from last month, with my Ace flag.

I find it funny that my uncle used to call me Stace The Ace when I was a kid; obviously it was purely for the rhyme, but how right he turned out to be! People have often asked me why I celebrate pride or Ace pride, or why I'm so vocal about it, because it's "just a piece of who you are". That's true, yes, but I choose to talk about this because element of myself because it would've helped me tons when I was younger to have known about asexuality. I spent a lot of my teens and twenties stressing about my lack of interest in sexy stuff, which caused a lot of anxiety, esteem issues and all sorts of palaver. Finding out about asexuality was like a weight off my shoulders, and if my speaking about it can help just one person better understand themselves, then that's good enough for me!

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