Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Walking With Pride

Feels like yonks since I had to put shoes on... I took some TOIL this afternoon after a crap nights sleep left me barely able to function. I used the time to go for a walk in the hopes that would refresh my brain a bit but I came home just as sleepy as I left it. Also realising that I need to break these shoes in a bit more before I take them out for another spin (she says, nursing little toe blisters).

Rich popped on a film called Raw tonight that we couldn't have had more differing views on if we'd tried (5* for Rich, 1* for me). Without going too much into spoiler territory, it's a French horror that, to me, seems more focussed on style and being gross than actually telling a story. I have no idea whether it's trying to say something because it throws so much at you that goes nowhere, and is often using imagery designed to just make you feel a bit sick. Which reminds me, if you're not comfortable with folks being sick in movies, avoid this one. Maybe it would've helped if I'd known what the film was going in? I dunno, well made garbage innit.

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