Day 17: around Lochmaddy

I wasn't quite as enthusiastic as Mr hazelh to head out and about this morning. As soon as breakfast was finished, he was keen to jump on his bike again for another day in the great outdoors. I could have quite happily stayed put, book in hand. However, I am glad that he dragged me away from my reading because we have had a great time cycling around North Uist.

Our first main stop was Barpa Langass. This is a 5000-year-old burial chamber thought to be the burial place of a Neolithic chieftain. Mr hazelh models it in my blip. Then we walked to the top of Ben Langass and enjoyed the amazing views of North Uist from the summit*. Had the sun been shining, this would have made a fantastic 360 degree panorama shot, but everything looked rather monochrome under a cloudy sky. Then we cycled down to the Westford Inn for fortifications of Skye Black for Mr hazelh, rum and Coke for me, plus lunch of spicy squash soup and duck pâté and toast.

Back at our hotel we met some cyclists in their 70s. They explained that the way to continue this type of holiday into old age is to shorten the distance between stops and invest in folding bikes in case you unexpectedly need to abandon your trip part-way through.

Then it was time for Scrabble (I'm still losing), supper and bed.

*It's actually a tiny hill, so the use of this term is a bit misleading!

Exercise today: 22.5 miles of cycling.

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