Free fruit!

A scorcher of a day today! I went to the Walled Garden at Glencruitten this morning to fix timber edges to my second veggie bed. Of course I forgot my measuring tape and spirit level - yes, I am fussy! - but I got more than half of it done and had a picnic there. I also did some weeding and watering. Midway through the afternoon I decided to give up - it was so hot! For the first time in ages I was working topless, but eventually began to feel a touch burnt so dressed again! I've been hearing from my professional colleagues on Facebook this evening about the wet weather many people are facing elsewhere!

Before coming home I had a wander along one of the trails - most of Glencruitten land is forestry, or ex-forestry, and there are several plant escapees, including this Salmonberry, Rubus spectabilis. I've had to put up with in various gardens in the past, but never seen it fruiting in such profusion as it was here today! 

A native of western North America, the berries are edible, but not as tasty as raspberries - I tried one. They were a staple food of Native Americans, so I read. Maybe I should try making some Salmonberry wine!

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