The Mono Monday theme is TIE.  I originally thought of blipping a neck tie but instead here is a football programme from a F A Cup tie match.  A 5th round replay match between Blyth Spartans and Wrexham.  The match was played  on 27.2.1978 at St James Park..  It was played at St James Park due to the massive demand for tickets .  The official crowd was 42,187 - the biggest crowd of the season.  But 10,000 Blyth fans were locked out of the ground and a lot of them climbed over the walls to get inside.  The match proved to be the end of the dream for non league Blyth Spartans as they lost the match 2 - 0. Thanks to laurie54 for hosting Mono Monday.

Musical link is TIE a Yellow Ribbon.

One extra thing concerning this blip - Brain Slane the manager of Blyth Spartans used to teach at my grammer school. I remember he had ginger hair which he wore as a crew cut.

Even though my grammar school was very academic it did produce a few footballers who played for Newcastle United - Barry Venison, Gordon Hindson and Alan Foggon.  Another ex pupil is John Caine an international runner who was one of the founders of the Great North Run with Brendon Foster. It was Caine who suggested it be named the Great North Run.

Usual Monday for me until around 4pm.  First was Fitness Class.  Emma had to stay at home with a sick child so her partner Ritchie took the class.  Nice to have someone different.  Then shopping in Tesco. Then home to get a bit of gardening done. 

Then the phone rang.  It was Lucy a friend of my brother Colin.  She asked if Colin could stay with me as there was some problems with his flat and apart from that he was short of money and depressed.  So I told her that was OK  -  she said she would bring him round after 7.30pm. 

I had offered Colin a bed but the big problem was that the bed I had offered was covered in stuff. And the room was full of stuff too.  So I had to sort that out.  Trouble was there was nowhere to put it.  So I shoved it into other rooms which were already full of stuff. Nightmare.  Got there in the end but it took ages. 

Then I had to go to Slimming Club.  Its 2 weeks since I have been weighed and I lost 6 pounds this time. 

Lucy and Colin arrived around 8pm.  Lucy lives in Derbyshire and Colin had phoned her today and she had dashed up to sort him out.  She works in social services and as he needs extra help due to his Aspergers she is going to get in touch with the Gateshead care people to put the wheels in motion for that. He also needs to apply for  Personal Independence Payments which have replaced Disability Living Allowance. She has a list of people she is going to phone on Tuesday when she gets back to Derbyshire. She's been a good friend to Colin for many years and he tends to contact her when he needs help. She knows the ropes and what needs to be done regarding social services so she's just the person he needs on his case at the moment. But I'm pleased that he's here with me now so I can keep an eye on him.

Steps today - 18,755

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