Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Slow start to the day then I got a few chores out of the way before taking a walk to the village to get a blip shot.  I had in mind something suitable for the Wide Wednesday theme which is  Framing (frame within Frame) My original idea was to take a shot of the church through the archway of the gate but a bit later on I found something better.  I have added my original idea as an Extra.  I took my blip shot further down into the churchyard. Looking through a hole in a very weathered gravestone to the obelisk beyond.  Can you see a face on the gravestone?  Thanks to steveng for hosting 

Musical link  LONG TIME GONE - by Crosby,Stills and Nash

I didn't intend going shopping but as I was passing I nipped into Herons to get some ice cream.

Back home for tea.  Just finished eating when the phone rang - it was my brother C.  He started off telling me about his neighbours.  I said " You told me all this when you rang at the end of May ". He couldn't remember phoning me then  So all through this call he kept telling me things that I already knew.  And not a great deal else.  But it was good to hear that he's doing OK.  That's the main thing. He has a social worker, cleaners who come in regularly and a friendly contact at the council ( who he seems to pester on a daily basis )  ..... and he has had a few phone consultations with his doctor so he's as fine as he can be. ( Apart from forgetting to pay his Virgin bill and getting cut off for a week.)

No walks with Neil this week as he doing another ( crazy ) challenge. Around 156 miles this week - different distances each day.  Monday he did 21 miles, Tuesday he did 25½ miles and today he did 23½ miles.Tomorrow is his long run of 51 miles and then a rest day on Friday (much needed I would imagine ) with a short 5 miles to finish on Saturday. He's back at work on Monday so he's making the most of his last week on furlough.

Steps today - 7,399

CORONA CLASSIC - The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires by Astor Piazzolla

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