By dfb24

Creeping Charlie....

....the bane of my (summer) existence!  When we moved into our home, 32 years ago, the neighbor on the north side of our house had a lawn made up of nothing but creeping charlie. For 31 of those years I've been vigilant at keeping it out of our yard, as it chokes out the grass and spreads faster than a speeding bullet!! Two years ago I couldn't weed because I was having some back issues, and some of it managed to get into our grass. I go out at least once a week and pull out any of it that I find. The original lady's grandson lives there now, and does about as much lawn care as his grandma did, which is zero! It's spread so far that it's constantly "creeping" into my flower beds that border the edge of our back yards. And every time I'm out there pulling it, I end up with a sore back that puts me out of commission for a couple of days. It DOES smell good when you pull it, and it gets these pretty little flowers this time of the year......the better to spot it trying to creep into my area!! Now you know why I need to win the lottery and hire a gardener.....to protect the yard from Charlie......that little creeper!!!  :))
Thanks to Loisbiz for hosting TinyTuesday and today's theme of flower--dead or alive. (Many creeping charlie's WERE harmed in the making of this picture!!)  :)))

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