The Harbor Seagull...

...moored on the Milwaukee River, with its' ropes being used to TIE it to its'  docking area. Tom came along with me to Jones' Island early this morning, as I wanted to get this picture before all the guys came to start work. Not my brightest idea, & I'm glad he came along, as to tell the truth it was more than a little  creepy being there so early, in the quiet, with no one else around, & patches of fog drifting about!  I'd have totally freaked if by myself, as it reminded me of an old Charlie Chan movie where a murder takes place on a boat in the fog!  :(      
With the blip done, I dropped Tom at home and went to do some shopping since I was already up, & when I came out about an hour later the sun was shining with a beautiful blue sky! For just a minute I wished I'd have waited to get the picture, but then thought DUH, it's monomonday, so would a blue sky have made much difference? Not to mention the fact that I had to do just a little bit of trespassing to take this, so best to leave well enough alone!   Big thanks to Laurie54 for hosting MM this month.  :)) 

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