...blooming in the fields & along the roads right now. It was sunny this morning when I took the garden debris to drop at the recycling site, which is where I spotted a whole hill full of phlox so walked over & took this photo. From there I went to the service garage, as I had an appt. for an oil change and wanted to have the guys check the brakes because I've been having a lot of pulsing when I brake, and they've been squeaking. The oil change was done, and I do need new front brakes so they ordered them and I have to go back tomorrow morning to have the new ones put on. By the time I sat in the waiting area at the garage, the sun disappeared and the rain started. It's been going from drizzle to downpour, drizzle, downpour ever since. A good day to sit and read until I have to pick Mae up from daycare--Wednesdays are Jennie's late days at work--just too bad about the rain, as I'd planned on taking Mae for a walk along Nojoshing Trail. Guess we'll save that for a day with nicer weather!  Big thanks to Miranda for hosting WildFlowerWeek! :)) 

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