By Freyjad

WidWed - Trees

I wasn't sure what sort of blip I'd get today as regards it being so wet but I was out early and there was only very light drizzle so it worked out O.K.   I'd driven Jack down to the dentist where I was told his treatment could take between an hour and an hour and a half, so I left him to it and went out walking along the canal and eventually to the river which is where I took my shot.  I kept my eye on the time which was a good thing because Jack rang me after about 50 minutes to say he was finished and sitting in the waiting room.  We had soup for lunch which was fine by me as I'd just bought some fresh Coriander which I put in a Thai Ginger recipe - as for our evening meal, well I don't know yet. :-)

Thank you to everyone who's thinking of entering the WidWed challenge this week. I'm looking forward to seeing your entries and I hope to give out WidWed Hrts and HMs on Friday.  As always, many thanks for the responses to yesterdays Blip.

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