Flooded MX-5

Went out yesterday and stopped at some traffic lights. Noticed that the passenger side footwell looked like the mat was a bit damp. 
When I got to the shop, that was my destination, I lifted it and found a large pool of water underneath it. 
I had a microfibre cloth and mopped it all up, squeezing the cloth out of my window.
When I got home I investigated where it might have been coming from.

One of the things about the MX-5, and I expect most cabriolet type cars, is they have a complex maze of drain channels. These have to be checked every so often and I usually check them on my car at least once a year after the spring flowers have died off.
I haven't done it for about 3 years now and this was the result, flooded footwell and almost flooded boot. I park close up to a Pyracantha hedge and when the flowers die off, for the berries to come, they shed tiny brown shrivelled petals which get into everything and everywhere. 

I took my trombone cleaner, that's what that is in the bottom right photo, and scrubbed through all the drain channels.
Although I don't play the trombone it's an ideal tool for pushing down rubber tubes to clean them out.
When I was looking for the trombone cleaner, in the boot, I noticed a bit of damp there too and so raised the roof so I could check the ends of the drain tubes had not come adrift. If you look at the top of the top left photograph you can see the tube. They were ok but there was a pool of water where the tube directs the drain water.
I raised the grille and poked the brush down the hole and it all very quickly disappeared. Replaced the grille and scolded myself for being so lax in my duty to my car that has not let me down once in just over 12 years.
Must try harder!

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