By strawhouse

Bletchley Park

Mr K and I were debating where to have lunch today and we remembered how delicious the food was at Bletchley Park the other day and how we'd said we must go there more often. We could kill two birds with one stone!!!
And experience that warm glow you get when you actually use one of the annual passes you get when you go somewhere once and then get free entry for a year. Win win!!
We had a lovely mooch about. Having been there so recently we didn't have that sense of having to rush around and look at everything! It was more leisurely!
And lunch was delicious!! Carrot and cumin soup for me and brioche and paté for Mr K. 
We stayed longer than we intended so it was the usual mad dash to get back to pick Miss L up in time for her swimming.
They dropped me off at home and Mr K took her down.
Then it was time to go and get Miss E from after school club.
Then it was time to lie down!!

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