Off She Goes!

Miss L has been looking forward to her school residential for months. She doesn't seem to have inherited the family gene for packing with seconds to spare and has spent the last few days packing. 
It always give me pause to see her setting off with a suitcase. Gulp!
So off she went with Mr K, giddy that the day had finally dawned!
Unbelievably it's five years since we had the hideous rigmarole of getting Miss E a new passport in time to go to Disneyland. I've just reminded myself of the horror and the Blips - starting here - don't do justice to the stress and panic.
We're going to France as usual in June and that long awaited passport expires on Friday. Where does the time go?!!  Determined not to have a repeat of the stress where the passport arrives with days to spare I've been saying for a few weeks we must sort it out sooner this time.
I even got the forms.
A few weeks ago!!
When Mr K picked Miss E up from school they went to Tescos to get some photos from the machine. It was out of order.
So they want to the post office. That one was out of order too.
Well we tried!!!!

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