Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

View from the 15th floor

I had a seminar to attend today. It was a DBWC meeting on LinkedIn and how to build your brand on it. In the past when I've been to these meetings, they've been on the 2nd floor. Today, when the lift doors opened and I stepped out, I knew I had to whip my camera out and get as many shots as I could in the time I had. I allowed photography to eat into my networking time!

The seminar was excellent and very informative. It was delivered in a way that one felt they can actually implement what's being taught. All I need now if a few hours!

The evening saw our last meeting of Awana for the year. It was chaotic but we got everything done, that was required. We only had 9 of our group there and fortunately, they loved the T&T Survival Kit that we put together for them. My playing of two songs on the guitar which the kids love singing went down well with at least one young girl, She actually came and thanked me and told me she liked the songs! Who would have thought??!!

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