Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Eventful Day

Not sure why but I didn't get to sleep until 3 am in the morning, which made waking up for church a bit hard. We made it on time and had a very good service before our Pastor made an announcement telling us that it was time for him and his wife to move back to the States! They have just three months left in Dubai. As you can imagine, that came as a huge shock and threw us both sideways.

G & I stopped at the beach to eat an egg paratha and drink Karak tea. Then home to process it all. G received a message to say that our old church - Holy Trinity was celebrating 50 years of ministry, so we went to that service in the evening. This is the church where I grew up and SweetArt and me (and hundreds of others) had their lives completely turned around, so there were lots of memories to ponder on. The service itself was good though chaotic. It was great to watch a message from our longest serving Chaplain, Dennis Gurney. He must be well into his 80's, if not 90's now.

The compound has been muchly beautified and has never looked so good. The Bishop of Cairo was the chief guest and he gave us an inspiring message. I guess I had a bit of regret not being a bigger part of the 50th anniversary celebrations after having spent almost thirty years of my life there. I came away with the souvenir pin that was being given to everyone who was part of the service. It's a smart brooch which doesn't leave a hole in your blouse. It is a smaller version of the logo in my thumbnail.

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