Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Life's Little Moments...

I love it when I can catch a moment like this - it just makes me so happy.  Papa Northern Cardinal feeding a fledgling.  Unlike some of the babies who are out and about, the cardinal kids are very polite and keep their begging to a soft chime-like call.  They mostly wait on a nearby branch to be fed, never jumping on their parent's heads some some birds we could mention!

My walk with my nature group was rained out, so I put my hide out on the patio and settled in for several hours of pure joy.  I scarcely knew which side of the hide to point my lens from because there was so much going on.  After taking a break to go to the gym with Hubs, I returned outside and spent a few more hours on the deck, patiently waiting to see baby woodpeckers.  I was rewarded, although only briefly.  That's okay, I've got time.  Right now the parents are mostly keeping the kids well hidden up in the trees, but soon enough they'll be coming down to learn how the feeders work.  And I'll be ready.

Today is my parent's 65th wedding anniversary, so Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  Unfortunately, Dad has been fighting kidney stones this week so hoping he's in the clear now so that they can enjoy a nice meal.  

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with one of the guys from my group at the place we were supposed to go today.  We'll be looking for dragons, amphibians and snakes...

Oh, and for my 4 other favorite shots from today, click HERE to view on Flickr.  


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