Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Look lively, mate - it's Hump Day!

I'm always a sucker for the katydid nymphs.  There is something quite appealing about their big long antennae and their gawky legs.  And, to be fair, they are somewhat tricky to photograph because they are programmed to avoid being eaten and tend to jump before I can focus.  I used my sneakiest moves to creep up on this one - very happy that my garden isn't visible to the neighbors as I know they'd think I had lost my mind.  Some would suggest that they are correct.  

Another busy day since we had another appointment for MIL.  She's been plagued by a chronic headache for several months and today's appointment was for botox, administered by her neurologist.  Botox is a very effective treatment for some people, so we will see if it works for her.  She didn't care for the injections, so I sat on the floor in front of her wheelchair and held her hands while he poked her.  A minute later, she'd completely forgotten.  

Also got to the gym.  I've been having trouble keeping my heart rate at the prescribed 130 on the treadmill without running (which I hate and am not designed for).  So today I tried the elliptical - wowzer.  Definitely worked in terms of heart rate!  Got my rate up very quickly and maintained it easily. Different muscles being worked so it was, for me, a harder workout than the treadmill.  Time to mix things up.  

Rain and chilly temps tomorrow so I don't think our group will be walking as planned.  Too bad as the walk location is usually very good for dragonflies and other aquatic insects.  But temps will be in the 50's which means nothing will be flying.  Maybe a day to put the hide out back and see what's going on in the nursery garden.  

And in the meantime...happy Hump Day.


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