Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Hubs and I went out for a nice walk on a shady trail along a lake this morning - it was nice to be out even though I didn't take a single photo.  

After lunch, I headed out again, by myself, with the goal of getting some dragon images.  And while I did manage to get some decent dragon shots, it was this shot that I liked the most.  I love these big Clearwing Hummingbird Moths and I am always trying to get a shot like this where you can see their long proboscis curled.  I didn't do any editing to this other than a bit of a crop.  

Two of my favorite dragon images from today on Flickr, starting HERE

After trapping what we believe to be Mama Mouse night before last, both traps were empty this morning.  We are cautiously optimistic that we've managed to trap and relocate an entire mouse family of 7 out of our RV and into the woods where they belong.  Fingers crossed.

All is well in the nest boxes.  The bluebirds, now 9 days old, are getting well feathered.  About a week until they fledge.  Parents are working double-time feeding them, now bringing really large insects into the box.  Both broods of house wren are still naked and blind and being fed very small prey.

The weather this weekend is looking glorious so I plan to do some work in the yard and probably a walk or two.  Need to do some weeding and also need to plant two small tree saplings that a friend gifted me.  

Stay safe.  Be Kind.  Be loving...


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