Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I have had a very lazy day - slept late then had a nap in the afternoon.  Totally lacking in anything that could even remotely be classified as energy.  But my fuzzy pink socks, a fleecy throw and a cat made the afternoon pretty pleasant, all things considered.

This morning after a delicious breakfast of farm eggs, toast and avocado (thank to my lovely Hubs) I went outside for a few hours and enjoyed all that nature has to offer in the garden.  This little fledgling Downy Woodpecker captured my heart as she perched quietly on her branch, peeping softly to be fed.  Now and again, Mom would show up with food.  No doubt she and Dad are feeding a brood.  This one looks like she probably just fledged and maybe even a bit too early.  Her flight was good though when I got too close.  I took this shot from a distance of about 5 feet - she flew at about 2 feet.  She'll need better predator avoidance instincts.

Other babies in the garden today - starlings, cardinals, a nuthatch and an adorable chipping sparrow (see Extra).  I do love this time of year - and it's definitely just the pick-me-up I need right now.

Thank you to everyone who continues to encourage and support me as I travel through this cancer journey.  It is a far more emotional journey than I anticipated; and I definitely underestimated the effects of radiation.  But when all is said and done, I'll be cancer free, hopefully forever!

Take good care.  Just plain, lovely dark today.


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