Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


The vocalizations of the Great Crested Flycatcher are distinctive so when I heard the loud "wheep" from inside, I peeked out...and there he was, perched on a branch at the end of our deck.  Going immediately into stealth mode, I slowly cracked the back door and stuck my lens out.  He looked right at me then turned his head and let loose his loud call again.  I wish you could see his long tail in this shot, but he had it tilted against the branch behind.  These are common birds in the summer months here and we usually have a pair somewhere back in the woods; more often heard than seen.  I've seen this one several times in the last few weeks, but always too fast to get a shot.  Today, however, a win - and yard bird #33 in the visual record.

Talked to mom and dad this morning - they are celebrating 67 years of marriage today.  It's a rainy day there, so no walking or geocaching, but definitely a trip to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream.  

As for me, pretty much the same.  Gearing up for another week of radiation although I believe they will be switching from full-breast rads to targeted on Wednesday.   And in a week and a half, this will be done.  

Now, I'm off to take a little nap.  I've already indulged in some chocolate in the form of chocolate tahini (thanks Wrperry for the suggestion!).

Be well!


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