Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

All creatures, great and small

I thought I'd feature the small end of the spectrum with a young Eastern Chipmunk taking a rest on top of our cherry tree.  He's one of the spring brood - you can tell by the slightly soft and round appearance. See this shot in Extra Now

I've just changed my main because as I was sitting on the sofa just now, I heard a noise behind me on the deck, looked out, and saw this young bear perched on the railing eating bird seed from a feeder.  I stuck my camera out the back door and took a shot before grabbing the air horn. The poor little bear dropped to the deck and then panicked because it didn't know how to get away from the loud horn.  It peed on the deck and then leapt over the railing and high-tailed it into the woods.  This isn't a great pic as I literally stuck my 300 lens out the crack in the door, fired one shot and grabbed the horn.  This is a yearling bear whose mother will have just kicked him to the curb to make way for a new breeding season, meaning that it's under 2 years of age and relatively small (as in under 200 pounds.)

The day started with something much larger.  I had been up about 30 minutes and had just put a leash on Jax to take him for a walk on the lane...when I looked out on the patio and saw a bear with it's mouth gently closing on my bird feeder!!  I banged on the window and he dropped the feeder and jumped off the patio, but stayed right next to the patio wall.  Hubs grabbed our airhorn and blasted it which sent the bear into the woods.  Meanwhile, I was trying to stop Jax from growling and barking so no time to grab a camera.  I don't think this was the same bear we've been seeing as it didn't look quite as large.  Definitely a male though as too big to be a lady-bear.  

Later Jax and I spent some time on the deck (both on full alert) while I took some photos and just enjoyed the comings and goings of the wild things.

Today is my Mom and Dad's anniversary as well as bestie Peggy and her hubby, so Happy Anniversary!!

Fledgling female cardinal in Extra - she was just learning to feed herself with dad supervising.

Dark with ginger, lemon and black pepper today...


PS:  in case you are wondering about the ear "ornaments", baby bears are usually tagged in the den the year they are born if the sight of the den is known.  How would you like to have that job?

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