Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Auntie Ants

Some of you may find it hard to believe that I used to fear and despise almost all insects.  Yep, truth. I have photography and Blip to thank for this transition.  What I've learned through this community is that insects are really interesting and really cool.  Truth!

So, you may be wondering what the heck is going on here?  The brown creature is a Keeled Treehopper, a tiny sucking insect that is about 1/8 inch in length.  The little black guys you'll recognize - they are tiny ants.  But they are not attacking the treehopper - no, they are guarding her.  She will lay eggs soon and the ants will guard her and the eggs.  When the eggs hatch, there will be more ants to tend all the youngsters.  You might wonder when ants became benevolent beings - well, in truth their motives are selfish.  Treehoppers secret body waste called honeydew, which ants adore.  So, it is a win-win relationship.  The treehopper is well guarded and has an army of babysitters; the Auntie Ants get lots of delicious honeydew.  

That concluded today's biology lesson.  You can relax now.

Today is my Mom and Dad's 66th wedding anniversary so we scheduled some time to be together this morning on the phone.  In spite of Oregon going on Pause due to a spike in cases, my parents remain in good spirits while on high alert.  The weather in Portland is crappy today so no walking but I believe a trip to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream was on the agenda.  Today is also my bestie, Peg's anniversary; as well as one of Willie's racing partners. It will be an anniversary that probably won't involve candlelit dinners in fancy restaurants for anyone, but hopefully special in other ways.  See Extra for my mom and dad on their wedding day.

The weather has been gorgeous today so I've spent time outside pottering.  Not much to show for it other than repairs to the infernal fountain in the garden.  Tomorrow I'll plant those tree saplings...

And, in the Mouse vs Man Saga we are now two straight nights without a mouse in our trap.  Cautiously excited and hopeful.

Be kind. Be safe.  Be loving.


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