Capital adventures

By marchmont

Apres le deluge

I felt sorry for these poor guys, erecting the stands as the rain still fell. It didn't get the tourists though. Again I had to jinx right and left to get through the portcullis and up the hill.

The were only 2 of us today. The big launch is next week and I spent 3 hours trying to match names, named photos with the names of those who died. It was an odd feeling, looking at a sports team in Hong Kong in 1939 and finding out which ones would be dead, in all likelihood 2 years on the 'Lisbon Maru'.

Home (in the rain) to eat yesterday's lunch and then filling in time till my evening engagements, but at 4 pm after about 29 hours without a break, it stopped raining. Ta da!

The first event was a reception for the Festivals, hosted by Festival City Volunteers if which I am now part. I knew 3 people, and one of them whose name I have forgotten. Susan Deacon spoke for ages so I missed Maureen McGinn as I had to go up the hill to meet E for event 2, 'The Magic Flute'. It was very good and the spoken bits were definitely geared to today's audience ' this is high opera, not 'Coronation Street'. The singing was amazing, the costumes beautiful, the staging creative but the story is bonkers and I didn't have much empathy for the main characters by the end. But it was a lovely evening and we bumped into D, ex ' big boss' of the Castle, so a bookend to the day.

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