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Another Fly On Flower

No early walk with Finlay as it was persisting down. Rain continued until after lunch when (shock, horror) the SUN shone for a short while.

We took the opportunity to get out, though it was a bit warm for Finlay and he is now panting hard, crashed out on the floor.

In the garden I found this hoverfly on a flower (sorry for the two consecutive flower/fly blips). I love the ‘gold metallic’ sheen on the abdomen - and if you look carefully (LARGE helps) you can see a certain blipper’s reflection. Identification of these insects is a minefield so I will not even attempt it!

Looks like I am going to be across in Lancashire (Oswaldwhistle area) for a few days from the 24th Jun. Any blippers from that part of the world fancy a meet up? Blackpool/Southport are options…not too far away.

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