It's Raining

The weather forecast was right.  It rained all night and was still raining when I got up this morning.  I persuaded TT to give me a lift to the bus stop as I really didn’t want to get to work drookit.  As I ended up getting a bus which stops right outside my office, I got to work dry.  My day was busy as ever, and something I have been waiting to progress for over two weeks took a step forward late afternoon, which meant I had to stay later than I planned to maintain the momentum until I am back in the office on Monday.  By then it should all be sorted out.

BB got to school to have it confirmed that the county sports were cancelled, and to quote him, he had a day off as he had no sporting activities – apart from PE.

The boys had been to football to return BB’s kit, as he is leaving the team he has been playing with for the last couple of years, and moving to a new team.  We think he will be happier at the new team, and he is already much more positive about football, having been wanting to pack it all in a few months ago.

My step count was abysmally low, so after tea, and as the rain had gone off I walked down to the river, which was rather full.  The swans and cygnets were high and dry in a garden by the river, alongside some ducks.  I was weary by the time I got home.

There were lots of tourist groups walking around at lunchtime, and as it was raining they all had brollies!  I could have framed this better, if it hadn’t been raining (but then no brollies), I hadn’t had a brolly of my own as well as a bag, and there hadn‘t been constant traffic thundering past.  The extra shows our very full river.

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